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Tax Facts Lunch & Learn Webinar Recordings and PDFs

Presentations sponsored by the Equality State Policy Center with support from the Wyoming Community Foundation

Our Wind Energy Tax Policy – What it Means for the Industry and for Communities: Kara Fornstrom, Director of the Center for Energy Regulation and Policy Analysis at the University of Wyoming, describes the challenges, opportunities, and taxation of wind power in Wyoming. These issues could also affect future alternative energy sources. (Recorded May 29, 2024)

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More info on wind & taxes in the Documents section below!

Tax Takeaways from the 2024 Budget Session: Senator Tara Nethercott (Appropriations Committee) and Representative Dan Zwonitzer (Revenue Committee) discuss the Budget from the spending side and the income side. (Recorded March 27, 2024)

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Case and Freudenthal

Wyoming’s Taxes Determine Wyoming’s Future: A Conversation with Gov. Dave Freudenthal and Wyoming Senator Cale Case (Recorded January 31, 2024)

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Wyoming taxes and you

Wyoming Taxes and You: Director Brenda Henson, Wyoming Dept. of Revenue (Recorded October 25, 2023)

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Tax structure 101

Tax Structure 101: Executive Director Ashley Harpstreith, Wyoming Taxpayers Association (Recorded August 30, 2023).

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Wind Energy in Wyoming: More Information

What You Need to Know About Property Taxes

What You Need to Know About Property Taxes, from the Wyoming Community Foundation and Wyoming Tax Facts (February 2024). Two-page PDF.

The Cowboy Family Report 2023-2024, produced by the Wyoming Taxpayers Association to provide a deeper dive into taxes paid by the average Wyoming family and the services it receives. Visit the website for more data and tools.

Recommended Websites

Each of these sites provides useful data about taxation in Wyoming, but with a different point of view on taxes in general. Some are more conservative, some more liberal, and others strive to be neutral.

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  • In 2000, The State of Wyoming issued a report called Tax Reform 2000. The State analysis highlighted necessary updates to our tax structure.
  • In 2020, the Wyoming Taxpayers Association hosted a look back at the State’s report. WTA panelists found that many changes recommended two decades before had not happened, and were still needed. Learn more about Tax Reform 2000